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Information about TAX RAW


This link will take you to our German pages. We can provide English translations on demand.




Tax regulations are constantly changing. Following the constant updates and changes takes time and energy This is reason enough for us, in addition to providing individual advice and information, to create a regular client newsletter. It reports the really important updates - in a clear, concise and relevant manner.


Further information on tax law, business and information technology can be found here:


Comprehensive information on the BGH


Bundesverband der freien Berufe


business newspaper


tax advice glossary

rate calculator and tax savings (Elster)



Information of the BMF about tasks


Bund der Steuerzahler

Union of taxpayers


Jusline GmbH + Co

Online information and services from the legal area



The complex software we use for the entire tax consulting


Deutscher Steuerberaterverband

Tax consultant search service, information about the German Tax Advisory Board (DstI), as well as the regional associations


Statistisches Bundesamt


Economic news, current topics in short information and headlines



Datenverarbeitungsorganisation des steuerberatenden Berufes in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.G